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Who We Are

Fort Point Cabinetmakers is a cooperative of woodworkers who specialize in the design and building of high end furniture, cabinetry and other custom woodwork. The pieces that are made in the shop vary from modern studio furniture to 18th and 19th century classics, and everything in between..."All Types Of Woodworking Done Here" has been an unofficial motto of the cooperative since the beginning. The pieces produced include reproductions of existing furniture as well as original designs developed either by the client or one of our members, usually a combination of both.

There are currently 5 members of the cooperative, many of whom are graduates from the world renowned North Bennet St. School in the North End of Boston. Most of the time each member of the cooperative operates independently, but at times when a large project passes through the shop several members may get involved to combine efforts and skills to produce the project as a group. This ability to bring in additional help from the group means that there really are few projects that are too small or too large to handle.


Fort Point Cabinetmakers got its start back in 1979 when a small group of woodworkers decided to form a cooperative and start sharing some shop space at 355 Congress Street (and then later at 368 Congress Street) in the Fort Point Channel area of Boston. The group was originally called Kirkwood Artisans in Wood, but after one year the name was changed to Fort Point Cabinetmakers. The location of the shop changed once again in 2006 to the Bronstein building (now called the Innovation & Design Building on Drydock Avenue, the same building that houses the Boston Design Center.

In the Spotlight

The Boston Globe October 2005